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The Five Flag Theory teaches us to go where we are treated best.

People get taken advantage of every single day. Some are taken advantage of due to circumstance, some are taken advantage of because of bad choices, but everyone who is being taken advantage of allows themselves to be subject to that behavior.

If you don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong, how can I fix it? If you don’t complain at a restaurant that your food is cold, can you really blame the waiter for not bringing you a new plate?

I’m not advocating that you whine and stomp your feet until you get your way.

But I am advocating that you do something about it.

When a bank charges me $3 as an ATM fee, I dispute it, and if they won’t reimburse me, than I will close the account. I’ve cancelled my stay with hotels when they wouldn’t provide a late check-out for me. I have cut dinner short and left restaurants in the middle of a meal (I paid first, I promise) because of bad service from a waiter or manger.

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I’m not an asshole, I just know that my business is valuable and that somewhere, it will be treated as such.

This is why we travel and spread ourselves across different banks, jurisdictions and playgrounds.

In this life, you do not get what you deserve. You get what you allow yourself to put up with.

If you don’t speak up when your bank charges that $15/month maintenance fee, than you will be stuck paying it. If you neglect to ask for a raise after a year in a new position, can you really blame your boss for not offering you more money?

Now keep in mind, I am not talking about people working in sweat shops in El Salvador – that is fucked up and done out of force. But when people have the ability to interact freely and the ability remove themselves from a poor situation, but still choose to stay, the responsibility shifts to them.

If you want exemplary service, demand it.

If they can’t provide it, find someone – or somewhere – that can.

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