Remote Work is a Global Strategy

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Does your ability to earn a living stop when you leave your primary residence?

Hurricane Matthew just ran through the east coast of Florida. If your home was demolished and you had to relocate, what would you do to make money? Is it the same thing you’re doing now?

What if you could earn the same amount of money despite your location while improving your quality of life? Earning an income from the internet can provide a sense of comfort and security that you never knew was possible.

I’m far removed now, but my story might help you make the leap.

I was an accountant for a small marketing company. I made about $36,000 USD per year, lived comfortably and had decent office perks – free coffee, catered lunches, etc. I could put up with work, but I wasn’t ecstatic to spend my days in the office when I could be at the gym, getting lunch with my girlfriend, or sitting on the couch in my boxers watching television.

Once the company made the switch to a web-based accounting software, I saw an opportunity to cut my time in the office in half.

I started out by asking my boss if I could try working from home on Wednesdays, just to try it out. Since our staff takes outside meetings with clients on Wednesdays, and since my work could be done from any computer with internet access, it made more sense for me to stay home and get my work done there than come into an empty office. I assured that my productivity would remain at the same level, and that I would provide updates and be able to communicate via phone at any time.

He agreed, and I made sure that the first few weeks I crushed it. My productivity was great, and I made it seem as if I was getting more done for the company.

I slowly asked for more and more days off until I was working remotely full-time, and shortly after that I learned about the benefits of geoarbitrage and began the process of outsourcing my work.

A year after my first day working at home, I was only working about 2 hours a day, double checking the work of my virtual assistant and taking phone calls with the company staff.

The 40 hours I spent working in the past was reduced down to 10 hours, which meant that of the 80 hours I spent awake from Monday thru Friday, I now owned 70 of those hours instead of 40, and I spent it doing whatever I wanted.

If your goal is to be free with full mobility, you need to be able to earn an income no matter where you are in the world, and the internet allows everyone the opportunity to become global citizens.

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